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The story of Songbird and crocodiles

( English version ). The story of Songbird and crocodiles. On one day in a forest, there lived a crocodileand Songbird friendly they are familiar. Today they are fun chatting. Songbird is perched on the nose of a crocodile. But moments later, Vera felt sleepy. He yawns andopened his mouth wide. Oh, Songbird which perched on the nose Crocodiles slip fit into the mouth of a crocodile. Unfortunately, the Crocodile did not know. He confusedlooking for Songbird which is now no longer on his nose.

"Strange! To where Songbird? "gumam Vera. "He definitely took me being facetious,"Crocodile look back, to tail. However the bird isn't there. Vera then look for Songbirdin the bushes. It incorporates the snout into the bushes by the river. But the Songbirdis still not found. "Where is he?" gumam Crocodile returned.

Vera finally close my eyes to sleep. But suddenly the melodious humming soundcoming out from inside her. "Oh!" she cried wonder. His eyes are wide open. "For anew life, this time I can sing. Wow, I'm going to invite my dear friend Singer Bird tosing along. Will definitely be very fun! "

The crocodile then engrossed listening to out of himself. After a while he felt tired. He then opened his mouth, and yawn wide. When will close his eyes, his eyes saw acreature perched on his nose. The creature looks very angry. She's the Songbird."You're evil!" said the bird's scolding tone of press to the crocodiles. "Why don't youtell them if you want to open your mouth? I fall into your mouth, know? Once you're a bitch! "

"Yes!" answered Songbird. The tail shakes. "You're right know, you can'tsing at all! Your voice is very jarring! Uneasy listening! "

The crocodile was very sad to hear the word. His tears dripping. "I think the Senatorwas my voice," he says poignantly. "You know, I'd love to be able to sing. And last I figured I could already sing. It turns out? Oh, how I sound bad, unfortunately! "

Songbird feel sad. He immediately looked for ways to entertain his friend it. "Friend, how about you make water bubbles and I'm humming? We do together. Voice that sounds very tasty for sure heard. "

Vera agreed. He and entering the muzzle into the water and create bubbles. Songbirdsings. The sound of the EP is very fitting with the sound of air bubbles that are createdof crocodile. Crocodile love to all. And since then the two of them always do that every day.

And, in order for Songbird again into his mouth, a crocodile always tell first beforeopening his mouth. Wow, look at the picture above, in the real world they too familiar!

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